We are building a platform that will make content creators artists, sports and esports teams and more an opportunity like no other. Own all the content produced. Monetize it, even when it gets shared by 3rd party. And to top it all off, companies approach them directly with business deals, which they can fulfill within the platform, easier and faster than anywhere else.

Proof is everywhere if you're willing to pay attention. Ideas come to people when they see a problem. Once we have all these creators come to our platform because they’ll have their content protected and make more money, we’ll monopolize a big chunk of the internet because content drives the internet, which drives the advertising. Our new advertising dynamics are going to be a game changer as well for internet. Facebook and YouTube are broke and they know that and they’re also aware someone is going to steal their thunder. That’s Galaxis. Why? Because we have the solutions they don’t. It’s not fairy tales. It’s not hard to realize most people are against these platforms, but how can they realize it when there’s no better alternative?

Join us to become part of the most exciting website platform ever created. You’re welcome to share your thoughts. Thank you!





Galaxis is an interactive web portal platform for social networking and content-sharing. It’s backbone technology allows content to be protected & shared while allowing everyone fair use and profitability.

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