About Galaxis

Our technology will change the way companies choose to advertise across the world

Galaxis primary goal is to help brands produce higher sales than all other alternatives.

We do this through a series of processes that while currently very complex, we stripped down a lot of the noise and narrowed down to 1-click actions for marketing campaigns and sales.

We surround our core technologies on 2 main concepts. Sponsorships and Influencers.
Sponsorships are traditionally used for brand awareness, however we implemented technologies that allow this awareness to extend beyond and push the limits.

Through out sponsorship technologies, we offer companies the ability to increase their conversion rate and track ROI as well as customers virtually and physically. All while keeping the security and privacy of customers intact.

Our platform that automates content protection and streamlines connections with sponsors will win the loyalty of content creators, who will be motivated by the sponsorship opportunities to encourage their fans to join them on Galaxis.

Conversion Rate
Influencers comparison

Smart contracts for content protection

Content Production Across All Media

Producing content that will bring views is key to any online business now a days!
This will give businesses interest to advertise with you! Whether it’s VIDEO, PICTURES, AUDIO or TEXT based content, Galaxis has your back!
What’s even more amazing is that Galaxis encourages people to copy and share due to the natural system built with this in mind. The side effect is that it may create more income than current solutions.
As a content producer, once you’re producing views in your channel through your content, you’re going to have businesses approach you with direct offers for advertising or sponsorship space depending on your success. Deals will be made and you’ll get to keep most of it! Of course, our business who brings you the opportunity will keep a fee, which is how we sustain the platform.
Galaxis offers a new style of representing businesses online that are focused on synergy and business environments.
We will create a new home for every business that wants to sell through an online “home” that’s also connected to the world.
In other words, we’re bringing all your .com’s content and possibilities into a connected network where content providers and businesses alike will strive working together.

Galaxis for your Life

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