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Galaxis is a content protection and monetization platform for creators. When content is taken from creators and uploaded elsewhere, the creator’s ability to earn income is diminished. Galaxis is making content protection simple by building a platform where smart contracts will be required to use the content elsewhere.

But that is only half of the solution. Galaxis is also designing a simple matchmaking service that connects creators with brands. We are making it easy for brands to discover creators that are interested in promoting them. We are streamlining the process with “smart contract” technology that will make sponsorship opportunities more accessible to creators and brands.

Galaxis, Inc. is registered in Delaware, and based in St Petersburg USA.

We share revenue with creators.We will not charge creators to use our platform. Creators will keep an average of 85% of the revenue generated by Galaxis. Creators will have an opportunity to increase their percentage earned through increased use and success on the platform.

Local brands and shops will enjoy the benefits of sponsoring local creators. Local fans will recognize your support of favorite creators and could become fans of your brand as well.
National and global brands that can not yet afford the superstar sponsors can generate goodwill and affinity by sponsoring creators on Galaxis.

Phase 2 and 3 will see bigger brands and content producers for bigger value.

Creators of all types of content (e.g. music, art, videos, game streams) that care more about their creations than building up their social followers will love Galaxis. Unlike other platforms where you need hundreds of thousands of views to monetize your content, Galaxis can match you with sponsors who appreciate your creativity. We are streamlining the process to make it easy for brands to sponsor you.

Simpler, faster and more efficient way to sponsor.
To enjoy the goodwill and increase traffic from sponsoring local creators without the burden of dealing with agents and attorneys.

For content protection and monetization.
We are creating a place to post content that you do not want to be used elsewhere without compensation.
We are creating a process to make it easy for you to be compensated for the use of your content.
We are streamlining the sponsorship process to help you get discovered and get sponsored.

Brands will receive notifications when they are “chosen” (by content creators) or “matched” (via Galaxis’ AI software). Brands will be linked to their Galaxis admin page to view the creator profiles and preferences. The Galaxis admin page makes it easy to offer sponsorship proposals to the creators that can help their brand.

For no cost, brands get the benefit of Galaxis’ discovery process and the streamlined negotiation, contract and payment processes.

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More than 50 million people are creating content on other platforms and the annual sponsorship spending by companies is above $66 billion annually.


At .5% we’re lucrative. Galaxis aims to capture 30% of the creator and sponsor market share to become a strong competitor.



Galaxis offers a seamless combination of ecommerce, marketing, social media and content production in a new way that boosts both company and influencer growth like never before.  Galaxis solves a company’s need to market themselves through multi-media influencers.


There are no direct competitors offering the same solution we are proposing, however multiple other groups (Facebook,YouTube,Shopify, Amazon, Twitch, Patreon) offer platforms that offer parts of the solutions we offer. What makes us unique is the seamless transition between social and ecommerce everyone struggles with.



The Galaxis solution combines the strengths of the other leading platforms into one efficient process reaching the pinnacle of e-commerce with a 1-click sale solution. We have learned from the pain points of these other well established brands and ensure we do not replicate them. Additionally, cutting the middleman between company and influencer when it comes down to payments is of huge advantage.


We are pre-revenue and the market is quickly understanding the need for a solution such as ours.  If we wait too long, we may not be first to market.



We will hire less developers and reduce our marketing budget. It will take longer to develop and launch all the features

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