Facebook, the stolen content social network

Facebook is the untouchable platform:

  • Ever since it’s conception, Facebook has done nothing but allow users to upload their content and act as the platform to share said content. Many years later people have realized the revenue potential of content and want a solution to protect and profit from it, but will Facebook ever go against it’s origins?
  • Freebooting is another word for stealing content for profit.
  • Facebook and Youtube are both content promoters that don’t really have a solution to freebooting.
  • Will people keep letting this happen? or will they join the number 1 content protection platform in the world to combat this issue?

Facebook primitive infrastructure gets hacked again. 50 million users affected.

Facebook dropped a bombshell on Friday when it revealed an unknown hacker had breached the site, compromising the accounts of 50 million users. The company’s security team found three bugs were used in the attacks.

Galaxis security is 100% unhackable:

  • We have a method and unique technology that’s 100% unhackable
  • The infrastructure is designed to prevent primitive actions like this from happening.