What’s Galaxis?

Social network that streamlines connections with sponsors.

Galaxis is a social platform for content creators and businesses to match for sponsorships and sales. It streamline sponsorship connections through an advanced infrastructure that can be applied to any businesses with online sales.

Galaxis Explainer.

A content creation intranet that will change online businesses representation

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The key to bringing users & businesses

Galaxis main goal is to become to go to matchmaker between influencers and businesses.

Viewer generating content producers are 87% more likely to make a sale than advertising at random.  Redirecting these subscribers to the businesses that support content producers will result in more effective sales than current options.

We draw the interest of content producers by protecting their contents copyrights and creating a “command center” for them to manage their advertising and sponsorship campaigns for all their social media channels. Sponsorships alone will offer more value to them than all advertising combined through out all platforms.

For businesses looking to sponsors and advertise, we have a listing that works just like purchasing live items or services online in a bidding form, but for advertising and sponsorship spots with content producers/influencers and events.

More on our unique technology that combines copyright protection with artificial intelligence that helps sponsors and content creators connect. Content posted on Galaxis gets an invisible watermark to enable detection when used by others. Smart contracts are generated when content is copied to trigger potential income for the content creator.

The Galaxis platform includes a matchmaking feature to help brands discover content creators with followers that they want to reach. Smart contracts streamline the process to make the fast-growing sponsorship budgets more accessible.

Copyright protection AND sponsorship opportunities make Galaxis the platform of choice for content creators

What else can we offer?

Galaxis offers an “eco-system” within the network to facilitate the daily income of content producers and businesses.

Social Network Platform for content production and protection
Online digital ID for people and digital items
New revolutionary website design for Business presence redefined by Galaxis
Online Sponsorship and advertising broker system
Online store and e-commerce marketplace
Curriculum builder that will stay in history