What’s Galaxis?

Galaxis is a social networking and content-sharing platform that allows Content Creators to protect their work from “freebooting” (i.e. unfair sharing of internet content), and also to receive compensation for the work via royalties and sponsorships.

Our platform creates a watermark, invisible to the eye, so anytime content gets shared anywhere on the internet, the Content Creator gets an opportunity to be paid and credited with views. Our process brings a new solution to copyright claims and intellectual property sharing online.

Our platform also includes a matchmaker service to connect Content Creators with potential sponsors.

Welcome to Galaxis – a platform designed for Content Creators to PROTECT their work and CONNECT them to sources of income.

Galaxis Explainer.

A content protection technology in a sponsor matchmaking platform

We were Racelink and we’ll shortly update this video to Galaxis as well!

RaceLink is an interactive web portal platform for social networking and content-sharing.

Galaxis for Content creators

Galaxis for Content Creators

Content Creators are not getting a fair share on today’s internet. There is too much unfair sharing to sites that “steal the views and the earning potential. The attempts to address this “freebooting” problem by the major content platforms are “too little and too late”. By the time that stolen content is taken down, the theft of views and earning potential has already occurred.

The breakthrough for content creators is Galaxis!

Galaxis’ patented technology watermarks content posted on its platform so that unfair sharing can be quickly identified. This will create opportunities for royalties for its use by others.

Galaxis is also designed to efficiently identify sponsorship opportunities for content creators. We believe that the increased use of ad blocking technology will drive more businesses toward a sponsorship model. Galaxis is creating the matchmaking technology that will help content creators tap into the increasing sponsorship budgets of businesses that are aligned with your followers.

PROTECT your work and CONNECT to new sources of income on Galaxis!

What else can we offer?

Galaxis offers an “eco-system” within the network to facilitate the daily income of content producers and businesses.

Social Network Platform for content production and protection
Online digital ID for people and digital items
New revolutionary website design for Business presence redefined by Racelink
Online Sponsorship and advertising broker system
Online store and e-commerce marketplace
Curriculum builder that will stay in history

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