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The key to bringing users & businesses

The Galaxis Objective:  Create a more efficient and effective process to:
Enable companies to hire the best influencers to promote/drive sales through our integrated and dynamic eCommerce platform and create a more profitable and protected environment that encourages on-going relationships for the influencers to produce and monetize content.

Galaxis Platform Attributes:

  1.       Matchmaking feature for companies and influencers

This feature helps companies find an influencer to market their product.  The feature allows the company to find the influencer who has a following that closely aligns to their target customers.  Conversely, the feature allows the influencers to market themselves to all companies who are on the platform to increase their chances of getting hired.

  1.      Single action (“One click”) Marketing Campaign Creation

Galaxis allows the company to quickly create a full marketing campaign and put it into action with one click.  Utilizing standard marketing / advertising processes would entail many lengthy steps including: finding the agency, having meetings, waiting for follow up, waiting for results, analyzing results, etc.

  1.  Single action (“One click”) conversion for online purchases

The “One click” action allows direct product purchases of the marketed products through the Galaxis platform.  The customer does not have to go to a 3rd party website (such as the company’s home page) to make the purchase, have other passwords/profiles, etc.  This allows a quick/easy/more highly probable sale to be made between the influencer follower and the company sponsoring the marketing.

  1.      Data, Experience Reviews and Feedback collection, true ROI and metrics / reporting

Staying within the platform allows all sales on the Galaxis platform to be tracked, thus allowing a true ROI of the marketing spend the company made on the influencer.  The company can know exactly how many sales were generated from fans of the influencer through their marketing of the company product. Conversely, the companies can leave reviews/feedback on the influencer and their effectiveness, thus helping/hindering their future employment contracts.  This feedback should keep both sides honest and will provide a point of “accountability” that because others can see how prior customers rated the service.

  1.       Content creation and protection for companies and influencers

Galaxis provides technology for content creators to digitally tag their content to protect from theft.  Should someone try to re-use their content without authorization, the creator will be notified. A digital id will be embedded (not visual to the eye) to prove the original creator/owner of the content.   This will also protect the company from having content they funded/paid for via the marketing contract from being stolen and used by another company. In addition to protecting the content from theft, it encourages content creation and sharing/selling to drive revenue (knowing that it can be policed).

  1.       Smart contracts for administration

Smart / Digital contracts will be pre-loaded and available for use between the influencer and the company.  The simple to use / short contract will provide documentation of the business terms between the company and the influencer.  This will avoid any of the current problems of unclear requirements / intentions and negative results / feedback.

What else can we offer?

Galaxis offers an “eco-system” within the network to facilitate the daily income of content producers and businesses.

Social Network Platform for content production and protection
Online digital ID for people and digital items
New revolutionary website design for Business presence redefined by Galaxis
Online Sponsorship and advertising broker system
Online store and e-commerce marketplace
Successes Compendium on your profile and business